The Green Party of Orange County is a local chapter of the Green Party of California, a member of the Green Party of the United States.  (Internal Party business is here.)

The Green Party is a ballot-qualified political party in California and most states in the U.S.  You have the option to make a statement by registering Green when you register to vote.  In California, this will have no effect on your voting choices at all, except in the presidential primary.

The Green Party of California attained ballot status in 1991, and the Green Party of Orange County was founded in 1995.

Some history of the Green Party of California can be found here:

Also, a history of the Green Party in the U.S.:

Here are some highlights of the GPOC’s history for which we happen to have pictures.

OCNAC1From 1997:  Greens were the force behind founding the Orange County Nigerian Action Coalition:  more than 15 organizations encouraging the boycott of Shell, the effective government of Nigeria, to end the occupation of Ogoni territory and bring down the Abacha dictatorship.

From 1998:  Greens joined with Families to Amend California’s Three Strikes to push back against expensive “tough on crime” posturing and amend the most crippling “three strikes” law in the country.

3strikeswifegrowingreensWife of a 3rd-striker is shown here at our Growing Greens gathering in 2002.

1999Gathering1999:  The GPOC hosted a gathering of the Green Party of California at the old courthouse in Santa Ana.

2000:  Nader Presidential Campaign and D2KLA

NaderChapman2000Greens hosted Ralph Nader speaking in Memorial Hall at Chapman University.

D2KLAGreensOrange County Greens pose here for a group portrait before protesting at the Democratic convention in LA

NaderLongBeachrallyThe bus chartered from Santa Ana unloads at Nader’s Super Rally in Long Beach.

2001:  First Green elected to office in Orange County

3candidatessmallOur candidate for Aliso Viejo City Council is shown here at a fundraiser in 2004, when he ran for re-election (and won) on a slate of 3, with a Dem and a Rep.

From November 2001:  Local Greens played a large part in organizing what later became the Orange County Peace Coalition (OCPC), opposing the wasteful wars and police state practices that used 9/11 as an excuse.

inmallsmallMall walks — silent walks with no signs, only messages on clothing ­– were a signature action of our local peace coalition.

nixonlibsmallGreen candidate for U.S. House talks to the press outside the Nixon Library where Dick Cheney is speaking, 2002

HuntBeach2008OC Peace Coalition holds silent walk in Huntington Beach, 2008

GrowingGreens20022002:  Greens held a Growing Greens festival in Orange, with music, food, tabling, ranting, and a tour of an organic farm.

Immokalee20032003:  GPOC served 300 meals to protesters after the Immokalee farm workers marched on Taco Bell in Irvine.

GardenGroveSOS20052005:  Greens joined a protest against the immigrant-bashing Jim Gilchrist and were thereafter singled out for special abuse whenever he spoke.



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