Friendly Links

Disclaimer:  Some of these are published by registered Greens, some are simply by people who are generally friendly to us.  In either case, the views and opinions expressed in these links are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Green Party.

The Fullerton Rag, “The Voice of Some People” (some of our favorite people):

Some of our friends occasionally write for the Fullerton Observer:

John Earl publishes Surf City Voice, centered in Huntington Beach, with local news that you won’t find elsewhere.

Stop Fracking Brea

San Clemente Green is a local environmental group that has led the fight to shut down the San Onofre nuclear power plant and try to assure safe storage of the waste.

Kitchenmudge, a local Green who has explained some things about the Party and general organizing over the years.

California Greening
(several California Greens contributing to a blog)

Two Occupations in the County

Dean Inada maintains a pretty comprehensive calendar of “progressive” political events happening in the County here:

To keep up on antiwar activities in the County:
(The “member organizations” tab can lead you to a few orgs that might be doing something worthwhile.)
They also have a Facebook page:

The Harvest Club shares surplus food from the many fruit trees & such around here.

The Grain Project operates community gardens in Santa Ana, and more.

Orange County May Day Coalition:

Vern Nelson is a very accomplished musician, and has taken over publishing the Orange Juice Blog.  Variety of contributors, sometimes interesting stuff about politics in the County.

Dwight Smith runs the Catholic Worker house in Santa Ana, and writes about his work there and related matters.

Sarah Mosko lives in the County and writes about environmental matters.

The County also has a chapter of Slow Food, which might interest some of you:
They also have a Facebook page:

Dissent the Blog seems to be centered on the south coastal community colleges, but they might write about anything.

El Centro Cultural de Mexico has been very friendly to local non-profits, letting them use their space.  They also give classes and host interesting events from time to time.



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