Lisa Pedersen of the Poor People’s Campaign at our Oct. 7th Meeting

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GPOC is now on Twitter

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You’re probably Green whether you know it or not.

Read our platforms.

For as long as there have been Green parties, we’ve favored things like:

Cuts in “defense” spending

A transition away from fossil fuels into clean, renewable energy

The precautionary principle applied to new chemicals and GMOs

Stronger labor unions

Free college education to those qualified

An end to nuclear power

Taxes for the richest 1%

Protection and restoration of wilderness

Respect for international law

A livable minimum wage

Universal single-payer healthcare

An end to the death penalty

Equality under the law regardless of disability, ancestry, immigration status, sexual identity, religion or lack thereof.

State Banks

Publicly financed elections, instant runoff, proportional representation of all parties.







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