Cornel West endorses Jill Stein


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Ian Daelucian at Green Meeting August 7th in Irvine

Click on “Coming Events” above.

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New County Council Elected

Click on “Recent Events” above for details.

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Click “Recent Events” above for a notice about a new Council member and video of Damion Ramirez’ talk about police accountability.

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Clark Casler

ClarkWe are very sorry to hear of the passing of Clark Casler, Green from Santa Ana. Clark served on the County Council of the GPOC, and as a delegate from OC to GPCA General Assemblies. On several occasions he and his wife Lyndel hosted Council meetings in their home. Clark volunteered for the Western Service Workers Association, and was active in other ways in his community. We will miss Clark’s good humor and his voice of experience. Thank you Clark, for keeping it real. We extend our deepest condolences to Lyndel and the rest of the Casler family.

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Big doin’s lately

Check the “Recent Events” link above for articles, videos, and photos related to our event on Sept. 20th.

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You’re probably Green whether you know it or not.

Read our platforms.

For as long as there have been Green parties, we’ve favored things like:

Cuts in “defense” spending

A transition away from fossil fuels into clean, renewable energy

The precautionary principle applied to new chemicals and GMOs

Stronger labor unions

Free college education to those qualified

An end to nuclear power

Taxes for the richest 1%

Protection and restoration of wilderness

Respect for international law

A livable minimum wage

Universal single-payer healthcare

An end to the death penalty

Equality under the law regardless of disability, ancestry, immigration status, sexual identity, religion or lack thereof.

State Banks

Publicly financed elections, instant runoff, proportional representation of all parties.








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